Powerlifting Gear And Equipment Reviews

Finding The Best Powerlifting Gear And Equipment

Whether you’re preparing for a competition or a leisurely lifter, a veteran or a beginner, this site is here to help you find the best powerlifting gear for your needs.

Powerlifting Gear and Equipment ReviewsThere is quite a bit of nuance in choosing good powerlifting equipment. How do you choose the best shoes for each lift? What powerlifting gear is legal for use in competitions? This site is all about answering these questions.

At Powerlifting Spot, you will find reviews and comparisons of powerlifting gear mainstays, such as:

  • Powerlifting belts
  • Powerlifting shoes
  • Singlets
  • Benches
  • Racks
  • Powerlifting wraps

We do our best to compile valuable information in the powerlifting space and hope it makes your search for the right gear easier.

Powerlifting Belts

Powerlifting belts are one of the most important pieces of powerlifting gear to invest in.

Belts serve to provide extra support, and more importantly provide a solid base for lifters to brace against during squats and deadlifts. Wearing a good belt can boost performance in these lifts.

View our powerlifting belt article to learn more about selecting a belt and compare some of the best powerlifting belts.

Powerlifting Belts - Powerlifting Gear

Powerlifting Singlets

Ah, the ever-flattering powerlifting singlet. If you’re planning on competing in the sport you’ll need one of these.

There are many singlets that can work for competitions, including inexpensive wrestling singlets, but one must be careful to make sure a singlet meets competition requirements. Our article focuses solely on IPF approved singlets as that’s the safest bet for ensuring the singlets are a-okay for competition.

In our singlet article you’ll find comparisons of IPF approved powerlifting singlets. You’ll be able to quickly assess singlets by price, rating, and whether they can be used for raw or equipped competitors.

Powerlifting Singlets - Powerlifting Gear

Powerlifting Shoes

Finding the right powerlifting shoes can seem a little daunting once you start researching the ins and outs of ideal footwear.

The best shoes for one lift aren’t necessarily ideal for another; in fact, some lifters choose to have different pairs of shoes for each lift.

Learn more about the best shoes for each lift, and each stance, to make the best addition to your powerlifting gear arsenal.

Powerlifting Singlets - Powerlifting Shoes

Powerlifting Knee Wraps

Powerlifting knee wraps are used by equipped lifters to provide extra support and bounce during squats.

Something to keep in mind when considering knee wraps is your level of experience as some wraps are more appropriate for beginners, while others are made for only advanced lifters.

There are a variety of knee wraps on the market, but we focus on ones on the IPF approved gear list. Learn more about powerlifting knee wraps to determine which ones will work well for you.

Powerlifting Singlets - Powerlifting Shoes

Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

Powerlifting knee sleeves provide knee joint support and warmth to lifters to aid with performance during squats.

Unlike knee wraps, the less supportive knee sleeve may be worn in raw competitions.

While there are many knee wraps to choose from, we’ve narrowed in on just powerlifting knee sleeves on the IPF approved gear list. Compare some of the most popular knee sleeves and see which will be your best bet.

Powerlifting Singlets - Powerlifting Shoes

Weight Benches

Getting repetitions for bench press is imperative in preparing for competitions, and for that a bench is of course a necessary piece of powerlifting equipment.

Our article on benches is catered to those looking for a bench for use in home gyms. We cover both flat and adjustable benches along with their pros and cons.

View the article to compare top-rated weight benches by total weight capacity, type, price, and overall rating.

Powerlifting Equipment - Weight Benches For Sale

Powerlifting Racks

Another vital piece of powerlifting equipment is the powerlifting rack, which is needed for both squats and bench press.

Our article on racks is catered to those looking for a rack for use in home gyms. We cover racks that can be used for squats, combination racks for squats and bench, and power racks.

View the article to compare top-rated racks by total weight capacity, type, price, and overall rating.

Powerlifting Equipment - Squat Racks For Sale