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5 Great Gifts For Powerlifters

In need of a present for the lifter in your life? Have no fear, there are plenty of awesome gifts for powerlifters that are sure to be appreciated.

Without further ado, here are some ideas for inspiration!

1. Shinnovate Deadlifting Shin Guards

Save the shins! When deadlifting it’s not uncommon to get scrapes or bruises from pulling a heavy bar over the length of the shins.

The simple Shinnovate Shin Guards can be easily worn during deadlifts for extra protection to avoid bumps and bruises.

This choice makes an insightful gift for a powerlifter who might be surprised you took the time to do some research!

2. Fractional Plates

Normally in the gym, the smallest plates available weigh 2.5 pounds, meaning the smallest jump up you can make is 5 pounds when you add a small plate on each side of the bar. That can be problematic if you’re training to your limits and you’re not quite strong enough to make the 5 pound jump.

And that, my friends, is where fractional plates come in. These mini-plates help to increase weight incrementally. The plate set featured here is the The Friendly Swede Fractional Micro Weight Plate collection comes with 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 3/4 pound, and 1 pound plate pairs.

A thoughtful and practical present for any lifter.

3. A Sturdy Gym Bag

A good gym bag can make life much easier for a frequent gym-attending powerlifter. Once you get one you don’t know how you got by without.

Toting around belts, wraps, mouth guards, extra clothes, and sometimes multiple pairs of shoes, is part of the sport. The smoothest way to get that done is to have a quality bag.

The Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag is light, roomy, and durable, a good option for this category.

4. Fun Deadlifting Socks

If your lifter is like me, gym time is the equivalent to play time. Many of us like to have a good time when we go to train, and sometimes that vibe carries over to wardrobe.

Similar to the shin guards, deadlifting socks help to protect shins during the lift. There’s no need for them to be boring, though, and there are a plethora of cool patterned options to choose from.

The MOXY Black and White Lightning socks are a good example of this. If you do some searching around you’re sure to find a pair that exemplifies your lifter’s personality, whether that be loud and colorful or a bit cheeky.

Also on the plus side is that socks are inexpensive, and can even make for good stocking stuffers.

5. A Foam Roller

Powerlifters need to actively warm up, and put in the work to hasten recovery after training. A foam roller is an invaluable tool for these purposes.

Using a foam roller can help with flexibility, blood flow, pain relief, and muscle recovery.

The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller is a high-density, quality model that thousands of athletes love.

This is perhaps not the most exciting gift on the surface, but it is one that is exceedingly useful.

6. Bonus Gift Idea: Massage Session

If you really want to go for the gold, consider booking a massage for your lifter. Just be sure to coordinate however you can to make sure the massage fits in nicely with their training schedule!

Any Other Gifts For Powerlifters?

Do you have other ideas for good gifts for powerlifters? If so, fell free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!