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Finding The Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Best Weight Lifting Gloves - 2017 Evo 2 Weightlifting GlovesWhile you can’t wear gloves during powerlifting competitions, having gloves for training can be advantageous to save your hands from abuse. There are several types to choose from, however, so in this article we overview a variety of good options to help you find the best weight lifting gloves for your needs.

In the comparison table below you’ll find examples of full coverage gloves, padded gloves, minimal gloves, and glove alternatives. In the table you’ll be able to quickly get a sense of the range of gloves and compare them based on material, rating, and price.

Continue reading after the table to learn about the pros and cons of different style of gloves as well as get details on specific gloves.

Comparing The Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting GlovesMicrofiber$4.6
Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting GlovesLeather$$4.3
Bear KompleX Weight Lifting GlovesGenuine Leather$$$4.6
Mava Sports Cross Training GlovesLeather/Silicone$$4.1
2017 Evo 2 Weightlifting GlovesArtificial Leather/Nylon$$4.7
RIM Sports Gym GlovesLeather/Spandex$$4.4
LYFT-RX Premium Flex Adhesive Weightlifting TapeCotton/Spandex/
Fit Four Weightlifting GlovesMicrofiber/Synthetic Leather/Lycra/Silicone$$3.9

A Closer Look At The Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Hopefully the chart above has given you a good idea of the types of the variety of weight lifting gloves.

Below we’ll go into more detail about several different options from the chart, namely a minimal option, a maximum-coverage option, and tape. Read on to get a sense of the pros and cons of each!

Bear KompleX Grips

Bear KompleX Grips - Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Bear KompleX Grips are minimalist weight lifting gloves. These gloves are a simple piece of genuine leather that slip over the fingers and attach around the wrist with a strap. The result covers the lifter’s palms from the base of the fingers to the wrist.

There are 2 hole and 3 hole finger grip options available so lifters can choose their desired coverage.

Common feedback from users includes that these grips are made of high quality materials, are comfortable to wear, and hold up well over time. Another frequently mentioned feature is that they are thin enough that they do not alter lifters’ normal grips around the barbell.

Many people note, however, that the grips take some time to break in and are uncomfortable to wear before that point. Also a downside, some lifters noted that the finger holes can stretch out if the gloves are worn often during heavy deadlifts.


  • Minimal design
  • Good quality materials
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Do not alter grip


  • Uncomfortable until broken in
  • Finger holes can stretch if worn for heavy deadlifts
  • No thumb coverage

2017 Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves

Best Weight Lifting Gloves - 2017 Evo 2 Weightlifting GlovesThe 2017 Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves a full-coverage weight lifting gloves made of imitation leather and nylon.

These gloves feature full hand coverage and have five finger holes. They incorporate high density foam padding material in the palm and also have integrated wrist wraps for extra support.

Further, these gloves have ant-slip gel patterns on the palms to improve your grip while wearing them.

Lifters who use these gloves praise them for being high quality, having good wrist wraps, and being comfortable to wear.

On the cons side, lifters report that the gel printed patterns on the palms rub off quite easily when lifting heavy. Some lifters also find that the palm is too thickly padded for their taste.

Lastly, lifters note that these gloves can get smelly. Thankfully they are machine washable!


  • Full coverage gloves
  • Palm padded with high density foam
  • Overall comfortable to wear
  • Integrated wrist wraps
  • Machine washable


  • Gel grip pattern on palm peels off
  • Palm too thickly padded for some lifters to comfortably grip bar
  • Gloves can get smelly

LYFT-RX Premium Flex Adhesive Weightlifting Tape

Best Weight Lifting Gloves - LYFT-RX Premium Flex Adhesive Weightlifting TapeOkay, so LYFT-RX Premium Flex Adhesive Weightlifting Tape is not exactly a pair of gloves. We have included this option in our list of best weight lifting gloves, however, because tape is an alternative way to protect your hands while training.

This tape is a blend of cotton and spandex, and is latex-free. It is textured to be non-slip and adheres to itself.

Lifters who use this tape appreciate that it can be customized to provide protection around the fingers and thumbs where blisters and calluses tend to form for each individual. They also are impressed at how well it stays put during training sessions. Further, it is a lightweight and minimal option that does not impede a natural grip on the barbell.

There are certainly tradeoffs to using tape over gloves, especially with convenience. You’ll have to tape up each time you lift with tape, and you’ll eventually have to reorder more.


  • Lightweight and minimal, does not alter grip
  • Stays put during training sessions
  • Can be applied specifically to suit each individual’s needs
  • Provides extra grip


  • Less convenient than gloves to put on
  • Needs to be reordered periodically