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Comparing Powerlifting Knee Wraps

Best Powerlifting Knee Wraps - Inzer Iron Z

Inzer’s IPF-approved Iron Z Knee Wraps are a popular and affordable option.

So what’s the deal with powerlifting knee wraps? They make more of a difference than one might expect from simple elastic bands. Knee wraps are used to provide support and rebound for lifters during squats. In fact, the extra support and rebound provided from wearing knee wraps can increase a lifter’s maximum squat by a surprising amount.

Not surprisingly given this boost, knee wraps can only be worn in equipped competitions; you cannot wear them when competing raw.

If you’re competing equipped you need to be sure that your wraps are legal for your competition or federation. For reference, by IPF standards knee wraps can be no wider than 8 centimeters and no longer than 2 meters.

In the comparison table below you’ll find some crowd favorite wraps for training and competition, including all of the IPF approved knee wraps currently available on Amazon.

Continue reading after the table for details on all IPF approved knee wraps. You’ll find a complete list of wraps by brand, as well as information on which wraps are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and experienced powerlifters.

Comparing Top-Rated Powerlifting Knee Wraps

PhotoNameLengthIPF ApprovedPriceRating
Inzer Knee Wraps78"/2mYes (Equipped)$$4.6
Titan Signature Series Gold Knee Wraps78"/2mYes (Equipped)$$$4.5
SBD Knee Wraps78"/2mYes (Equipped)$$4.6
Titan Max RPM Powerlifting Knee Wraps78"/2mYes (Equipped)$$4.6
Titan Titanium Powerlifting Knee Wraps78"/2mYes (Equipped)$$4.2
Titan THP Knee Wraps78"/2mYes (Equipped)$$3.9
Mava Sports Knee Wraps72"/1.8mNo$$4.6
RAD Heavy Duty Knee Wraps78"/2mNo$4.5
Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps78"/2mNo$$4.5

An Overview Of IPF Approved Powerlifting Knee Wraps

Our focus for the remainder of this article will be on powerlifitng knee wraps that are on the IPF approved list as they provide the most versatility in being able to be used in training and competition.

All of the following knee wraps are valid for IPF competitions until at least December 31, 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of the knee wraps we cover below are available in multiple lengths. Make sure you select the 2 meter option if you’re purchasing a pair for competition as anything longer will not be legal.

Inzer Knee Wraps

Best Powerlifting Knee Wraps - Inzer Iron Z

Inzer’s Iron Z Knee Wraps are a common choice for experienced lifters. They are available on Amazon, usually with Prime.

Inzer has seven different IPF approved knee wraps. They are as follows:

  • Iron Wraps A and Z – Available on Amazon
  • W30 Knee Wraps, Red Line
  • W40 Knee Wraps, True Black
  • W50 Knee Wraps, Gripper
  • W60 Knee Wraps
  • W70 Knee Wraps, Black Beauty
  • W80 Knee Wraps, 4×4

You’ve likely seen the Inzer Iron Wraps Z on the platform with their trademark red and black stripes. These wraps are a popular choice amongst powerlifters for several reasons. First of all they are designed to be tight and to provide maximum rebound, exactly what lifters are looking for in wraps. Further, they’re designed to grip a lifter’s skin without chalk to make wear more convenient. Another bonus feature for this option is that they’re one of the least expensive competition-approved powerlifting knee wraps on the market.

Nearly all IPF approved Inzer wraps are intended for experienced lifters. The one exception are the less-intense W30 Red Line Knee Wraps that are made for beginner to intermediate lifters.

All Inzer knee wraps are available for purchase on their website.

SBD Knee Wraps

SBD has one pair of IPF-approved knee wraps available. The SBD Knee Wraps are exactly at the maximum width and length requirements for IPF competitions, at 8 centimeters and 2 meters respectively.

While there is substantial positive feedback for the performance of these wraps, they are more expensive than other options. They can also be more difficult to get due to being manufactured exclusively in the UK and only being available to certain markets.

Titan Knee Wraps

Powerlifting Knee Wraps - Titan Signature Gold

Titan’s Signature Gold Knee Wraps are an option for the experienced powerlifter.

There are five IPF approved Titan knee wraps:

The Titan Signature Gold Series wraps are commonly used and highly praised. They are the most supportive wrap made by Titan to provide some serious pop. Be aware that these wraps are extremely tight and made to be used by experienced lifters.

On the other hand, the Titan Red Devil Knee Wraps are less restrictive and are recommended for beginner to intermediate lifters. Keep in mind that production time for these wraps is estimated to run around two weeks, so if you’re looking at these wraps for competition be sure to order well in advance!

Metal Knee Wraps

Metal’s Mystical Knee Wraps are also an option on the IPF official approved gear list. They’re a little pricey relative to some other options, and are typically only available for purchase through the Metal website or affiliate sites. You can check them out on Metal’s site here.

Be aware that at times the 2 meter option is out of stock and the 2.5 meter option is not competition legal. It can also take between 2 and 3 weeks for these wraps to be delivered after you place your order.