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Getting A Competition-Legal Powerlifting Singlet

Preparing for a competition means that in addition to training you’ll also need to get the correct gear, including a good powerlifting singlet.

Titan Classic Powerlifting Singlet

The Titan Classic Powerlifting Singlet is a mid-priced IPF approved option.

Many new competitors end up going with inexpensive wresting singlets to get started. There is nothing wrong with that so long as the wrestling singlets meet the competition’s gear guidelines.

However, in other future competitions such singlets may not be admissible. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to spend a little more up front to invest in a singlet from the IPF approved equipment list. Considering most of the IPF approved singlets are under $100 it’s really well worth it if you’re planning on doing multiple competitions to ensure your singlet will be compliant.

In the table below you’ll find comparisons of powerlifting singlets that are on the IPF approved list of personal apparel and equipment that is valid until the end of 2018. In the table you’ll be able to sort singlets by price, rating, and whether they can be used for raw or equipped competitors.

Comparing IPF Approved Powerlifting Singlets

PhotoNameRaw or EquippedAssociation CompliancePriceRating
Inzer Powerlifting SingletRawIPF/USAPL$4.0
Inzer Power Compression SingletRawIPF/USAPL$$4.0
Titan Classic Powerlifting SingletRawIPF/USAPL$$4.3
Titan Triumph Powerlifting SingletRawIPF/USAPL$$4.2
Lifting Large Powerlifting SingletRawIPF/USAPL$3.7
SBD SingletRawIPF/USAPL$$$4.3
Titan Super Centurion Squat SuitEquippedIPF/USAPL$$$4.5
Titan Spartan SuitEquippedIPF/USAPL$$N/A
Metal Powerlifting SingletRawIPF/USAPL$$N/A
Inzer Hard Core SuitEquippedIPF/USAPL$$$$N/A

A Closer Look At Powerlifting Singlet Options

Hopefully the IPF-approved powerlifting singlet options in the table have made your search easier. Below we’ll go into more detail on a couple of the singlets presented in the table.

Titan Classic Powerlifting Singlet

Titan Classic Powerlifting Singlet

Titan singlets are among the most popular in general. The Titan Classic Powerlifting Singlet is an affordable option that fits the needs for many lifters.

It is a non-supportive singlet made from heavy-duty lycra. One of the most praiseworthy features of the singlet are its full length legs that don’t ride up into the groin area.

There are a couple of common criticisms of this singlet. First, when on the material is stretched to a point where it is slightly see-through. Second, and this is not uncommon for powerlifting singlets in general, the singlet is not tailored to fit women ideally.


  • Affordable
  • Full length legs
  • IPF approved


  • Material is see-through when stretched
  • Not ideally fitted for women

Inzer Powerlifting Singlet

Inzer Powerlifting Singlet

Inzer singlets are some of the most common I’ve seen at meets. The classic Inzer Powerlifting Singlet is an extremely affordable IPF-approved, non-supportive singlet. It is in fact at the very bottom end of the price range for IPF-approved options, right along with the Lifting Large Economy Singlet.

The Inzer singlet is made of fairly high-quality material, especially for a budget option. Since the material is thick it remains nearly opaque even during the squat, which is a huge win especially if you’re a lady. It is also designed to be form-fitting to eliminate annoying gaps.

Another small added bonus is that this singlet is available in black, red, and blue to provide a little variety.

On the downside, the legs of this singlet are shorter than other options to the point where some lifters find it detrimental. Not a deal breaker by any means, but lifters report that the thick material can make it a bit difficult to pull the shoulder straps on as well.

Note that by all reports the sizes run small for this singlet. If you don’t like a tight fit in your singlets consider ordering a size up.


  • Affordable
  • IPF approved
  • Thick material to minimize see-through
  • Nicely form fitting for most lifters


  • Short legs
  • Sizing runs small

Lifting Large Singlet

Lifting Large Powerlifting SingletThe Lifting Large Singlet is the least expensive option of the IPF approved gear list, coming in at $40.

There are no bells and whistles with this singlet–it’s just a simple lycra singlet.

Unlike most of the other singlets on the IPF approved list, this basic singlet does not feature a large logo across the chest. There is a small text logo on the left thigh, however.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when ordering, especially if you are female, is that these singlets run large for sizing.

Main criticisms for this singlet center around the mediocre quality of the fabric. This is to be expected when taking the price in context.

All things considered, this is a fine singlet to get started with so long as you get the correct size.


  • Least expensive IPF approved singlet
  • Full length legs


  • Mediocre quality
  • Sizing runs large